SC Kitchen | Double Potato Masher

SC Kitchen | Double Potato Masher

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TIRED OF LUMPY MASHED POTATOES? - A Masher & Ricer in one unit. No fiddling loading hoppers with conventional ricers, or leaving lumps with standard mashers. One single piece. No more changing ricing plates and time consuming washing up required. Prepare large quantities of light fluffy vegetable mash in minutes; Sweet potato, cauliflower, parsnip - there's no limit to root vegetable options. Also great for Guacamole and baby food preparation.- A new style of masher that delivers professional results utilising a ricing plate over a wire masher. Manufactured from 100% food grade stainless steel, the Double Masher is robust, durable & hygienic. No water gets trapped in the handle like some hand held mashers and ricers.

*Dishwasher Safe

Dimensions: Length 230mm | Width 100mm | Material: Stainless Steel

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